Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Preparing for SQL PASS-Part 5

Since I've attended SQL Pass Summit a couple of times, this year I volunteered to help out with the "Summit First-Timers" program. This program is designed specifically to help people who are attending SQL Pass Summit for the first time to get the most out of their experience at Summit. I've decided to post a series of blog entries here to not only help out my flock of first-timers, but to also ensure that the information is shared with as many other first-time (and alumni) attendees as possible. This is the Fifth posting in the series. Here are the links for Part 1, Part 2 Part 3, and Part 4.

I hope most of you watched Denny Cherry's "SQL PASS First-Timers" webcast. I attended it and discovered that they have already moved the location of the breakfast & lunch room from its traditional location in cozy little 4B to the cavernous 4E-F. Check out the map to see the conference center layout. The 4th and 6th floor are where most of the activities will be held.

First-Timers Networking Sessions

On Tuesday afternoon, there are several 45-minute networking sessions led by Don Gabor. These are exclusively for First-timers and are invite only. All first-timers should have received an email with links to RSVP to the session of their choice. If you are a first-timer and have not received the email, please contact PASS, and let them know. Any sessions not filled before the end of this week will be opened to other attendees.

First-Timers' Orientation

Lady Runa's Flock
Tuesday evening, at 5:15 is the First-Timers' Orientation. This is where First-Timers will first meet their alumni Mentor. If I am your Alumni Mentor, you'll receive a sticker of the graphic to the left of this paragraph to put on your badge to make it easier for you to identify the other "official" members of my flock. If you aren't part of my flock, I hope that the person who is your mentor has his own set of stickers to brand his herd with. (I printed twice as many stickers as I need, so if you REALLY want to be a part of the flock, I can be bribed convinced to give you one). Further details about this event, and the schedule from there will be available later - generally speaking, shortly after the orientation, we'll be heading down to the Welcome Reception.

Don't forget to bring along business cards to hand out to people you meet!


Thought I'd let you off easy, eh? Well, since SQL PASS Summit is only 2 weeks away, I have homework for you to do:

  • Ensure you have a login for SQL PASS (free registration link here).
  • Log in to the Schedule Builder and select sessions you wish to attend*. If you're having difficulty choosing sessions to attend, you may consider following the advice from the Expert Picks provided by PASS Virtual Chapter leaders and community Experts.
  • If you will be present in Seattle on Monday and/or Tuesday, consider signing up for one of the pre-conference sessions. These are full day in-depth sessions that are well worth the additional $395 each to attend.
*PASS uses the data from the Schedule Builder to plan session room sizes - the most popular sessions are moved to larger rooms, and less popular sessions to smaller ones - ensuring that the sessions you want to attend will have enough room available for you to squeeze in.

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