Monday, February 19, 2018

T-SQL Tuesday #99 - A Passion for Sewing

This post is part of T-SQL Tuesday, a monthly blog party on the second Tuesday of each month which was started back in 2009. This month's host is Aaron Bertrand (B|T), who presented us with a choice between two possible topics - something non-technical you're passionate about or t-SQL bad habits. I know I'm a week late, but I didn't see the topic notification until today, so I thought I'd create a post anyway because I needed to resurrect my blog and this post was a good excuse for reviving it.
Honor Harrington

My passion outside of the SQL server community
is sewing. Much of my earlier sewing was costumes for myself which I'd wear to Science Fiction, Anime, and Steampunk conventions. Over the years, I've entered - and won - numerous costuming awards at the conventions for my creations.

I soon realized that the reason I preferred wearing costumes wasn't simply because they were unusual garments but because they fit much better than the clothing I could purchase at stores. This led me
Neo and Trinity
down the road of making nearly every garment I have in my closet. I've made some shirts for my husband, sewn curtains for the house, recovered the sofa cushions, made pillows, sewn purses and totes, and made quilts.
Pumpkin Scissors
SQL Cruise formal dress

I also collect antique and modern sewing machines. Currently I have 15 machines, including a 15-needle embroidery machine. Sewing is rather addictive - once you find out how easy it is, you can let your creativity fly and make anything you desire.
Redline 1501
Singer 201
Willcox & Gibbs

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